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Two-Tier Income Limit Pilot

USDA RD’s Two-Tier Income Limit Pilot Benefits Self Help Program

Somerton, AZ A pilot program recently announced by USDA Rural Development addresses income limits for 502 loans which disqualifies households making only a little more than the poverty line.

“In the last two years, we have determined dozens of families as not eligible under the old income limits. This pilot program is prompting us to contact many families that were earning just above the income guidelines. There are other eligibility requirements, but we are confident a good number of families will now be eligible for our Mutual Self Help Program,” explained Thomas Ryan, Housing America’s Executive Director.

USDA RD’s Mutual Self Help Program makes housing affordable through “sweat equity.” Low income families work together as a group during the weekends to build approximately 65% of their homes.

ROLLOW is Housing America’s subdivision in Somerton, AZ. It has been developed to accommodate 149 single family units. The agency is adding an additional 20 lots this year.

“Fourteen families have built their homes and moved in. We have 36 families at various stages of construction now,” added Ryan.