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Rollow Subdivision Update

Somerton, Arizona  Thirteen families met early on Saturday (March 21, 2015) morning to start construction of their homes at the new ROLLOW subdivision in Somerton, Arizona.  “We got the residential subdivision ready, we have the permits from the City of Somerton and we have the dreams of all of these families and our mission to help them”, said Thomas Ryan, Housing America’s Executive Director.  It is time to get to work and back to building communities”, added Ryan.

ROLLOW is Housing America’s newest subdivision in Somerton, AZ.  It has been developed to accommodate 149 single family units with additional acreage for future development.  A formal ROLLOW ribbon-cutting ceremony is being planned by Housing America.

The initial thirteen families building their homes at ROLLOW are USDA RD Mutual Self Help Program participants.  USDA RD’s Mutual Self Help Program makes housing affordable through sweat equity. Low income families work together as a group during the weekends to build approximately 65% of their homes.   Additional assistance may be available, such as reduced interest rates and grants to make house payments more affordable. “Expertise in home construction is not a requirement, but it is hard work and even more challenging in Yuma County’s high temperatures”, explained Ryan. Households work together to build all the houses and are supervised by Housing America.  No one moves in until all the houses are completed and inspected.