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Director’s Message

I would like to thank you for attending our ROLLOW ribbon-cutting ceremony on May 4th. Thirteen families and Victor Troncoso, our Construction Supervisor, are hard at work during the weekends with ROLLOWs’s first two USDA’s RD Self Help Housing Program Groups (98 and 99).

We are very excited with our progress and by the end of May 2015 nine additional families will be joining them (Group 100). Our Self Help Program Counselors are booked with appointments as we form additional groups. USDA RD Self Help is celebrating 50 years and the 50,000 homes built. We are proud to have contributed to that number with more than 1,100 homes.

Last month I toured fourteen of our completed homes at Venezia Estates. The work we do at Housing America is changing the most common understanding of affordable housing locally. Affordable housing should no longer be associated with unsafe, unsanitary and dilapidated dwellings. Affordable housing has transformed into innovative, sustainable and supportive housing for renters and homeowners alike.